This is a podcast aimed at people involved in designing, managing, building or marketing products.

I speak to thought leaders, authors, product leaders, practitioners and those just starting out. This is a chance to hear their stories and get some inspiration from their experience - to help you work more effectively, build better products, be a better leader and much more.

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Latest Episodes

Samuel Ogunkoya - Product Manager @ ProducteevTech
Episode 55 - From Physiotherapist to Product Manager - Samuel Ogunkoya
Wes Bush - Author "Product-Led Growth" & Founder @ ProductLed
Episode 54 - Product-Led Growth - Game Over for the Sales Team? - Wes Bush
Stephanie Leue - CPO @ Mindex & Product Leadership Coach
Episode 53 - Purposeful Product Transformation & Setting Leaders Up For Success - Stephanie Leue
Kim Scott - Authour "Radical Candor" and "Just Work"
Episode 52 - Defeating Bias, Prejudice and Bullying in the Workplace - Kim Scott

Most popular episodes

Marty Cagan - Author of Inspired & Empowered
Episode 32 - How to Build an Effective Product Organisation - Marty Cagan
Gibson Biddle - product consultant, former VP Product @ Netflix, former CPO @ Chegg
Episode 48 - Treating your Career as a Product & Making a Wicked Impact as a Product Leader - Gibson Biddle
Jackie Bavaro - author of Cracking the PM Interview & Cracking the PM career
Episode 30 - How to Crack your Product Management Career - Jackie Bavaro
David Gerard - Author of Attack of the 50ft Blockchain & Libra Shrugged
Episode 1 - Bitcoin, blockchain & smart contracts - David Gerard
April Dunford - author of Obviously Awesome
Episode 43 - Aligning your Positioning & the Myth of Product Market Fit - April Dunford
Nis Frome - VP Product @ Feedback Loop
Episode 49 - Surviving a Lack of Product Thinking & Riding the Product Maturity Curve - Nis Frome