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Here's a list of old episodes in date order! There have been some great conversations so feel free to binge them all!

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Episode 124 - Developer Relations & Product Management - Friends or Foes? (with Tessa Kriesel & Wesley Faulkner, Head of Platform DevRel @ Snap & Head of Community @ SingleStore)

Developer Relations
Technical Product Management

Episode 124: Developer Relations & Product Management - Friends or Foes?

Tessa Kriesel & Wesley Faulkner, Head of Platform DevRel @ Snap & Head of Community @ SingleStore

15 May 2022

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15 May 2022 Tessa Kriesel & Wesley Faulkner head shot

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About this Episode

An interview with Tessa Kriesel & Wesley Faulkner. Tessa & Wesley are passionate advocates for the craft of Developer Relations (DevRel), building communities and supporting users of products aimed at developers.

We talk about a lot, including:

  • What DevRel is, what they love about it and how there's not one boring DevRel person in the world
  • Their journeys into DevRel and whether there's a standard career path for people trying to get into the trade
  • The types of companies that need DevRel teams and how the concept of "developer first" and "developer plus" products informs when you need to spin up a DevRel team
  • Where DevRel sits within the organisation, the other functions it intersects with and whether it's really just a part of marketing
  • Why it matters that business leaders understand the true value of DevRel rather than seeing them as one team to do just about anything that comes up
  • Whether we need DevRel at all when the vast majority of PMs claim to be technical enough to talk to developers anyway
  • The ways that DevRel and Product teams can work together, some of the things that DevRel teams need from PMs & what they can give back in return

And much more!

Contact Tessa or Wesley (or both!)

If you want to catch up with Tessa, you can reach out to her on Twitter, on Polywork, at TessaKriesel.com or check out Devocate

If you want to catch up with Wesley, you can reach out to him on Twitter, on Polywork or check out his podcast Community Pulse.

Tessa Kriesel & Wesley Faulkner and me before the recording