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Here's a list of old episodes in date order! There have been some great conversations so feel free to binge them all!

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Episode 141 - Data-Informed Decision Making and the Three Cs of Product Management (with Roger Snyder, VP of Products & Services @ 280 Group)

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Episode 141: Data-Informed Decision Making and the Three Cs of Product Management

Roger Snyder, VP of Products & Services @ 280 Group

11 Sept 2022

11 Sept 2022 Roger Snyder head shot

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About the Episode

Roger Snyder is the VP of Products & Services at the 280 Group, a leading training & consultancy firm in Silicon Valley. He's passionate about product management and wants to help you get better at the craft and put some data into your decision making.

Here are some of Roger's insights:

Product management frameworks & methodologies are good starting points

But you can't be a slave to them. Use these frameworks as a baseline to help you ask the right questions about your business, then use what you need for the situation you're in.

Training isn't going to make you an amazing PM on its own

Even the best training can't do it all, but it can be an accelerant. Training, certificates & certifications all have their place as part of your journey but you need to get rear-ended a couple of times.

Don't be data-driven, be data-informed

There's so much data out there that can help you make great decisions but don't just consume it blindly! You need to make sense of it to have the greatest impact, work out what metrics really matter & work out when "what matters" changes

More teams are data-informed than ever but there are still challenges

Many teams are still unable to make data-informed decisions due to lack of access, lack of tooling or stakeholder gatekeeping. Learn to tell stories about why it's important and ensure you explain the WIFM.

Use data to inform your product vision

It's important to set up a fact base for your product vision and populate it with the three Cs of product management: Company, Competitors and (of course!) Customers. You can then use all of that data to inform a compelling vision.

Listen to the episode for this and more!

Contact Roger

You can reach out to Roger by email, or check out the 280 Group website.

Roger Snyder and me before the recording