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Here's a list of old episodes in date order! There have been some great conversations so feel free to binge them all!

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Episode 73 - All Aboard! Why You Need To Get Product Onboarding Right (with Ramli John, Author "Product-Led Onboarding")

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Product-Led Growth

Episode 73: All Aboard! Why You Need To Get Product Onboarding Right

Ramli John, Author "Product-Led Onboarding"

27 Jul 2021

27 Jul 2021 Ramli John head shot

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About the Episode

An interview with Ramli John. Ramli is the Managing Director of ProductLed, the Robin to Wes Bush's Batman, and the author of "Product-Led Onboarding", a book that aims to shine a light on getting users to value sooner and ensuring you retain them long term.

We speak about a lot, including:

  • The mission behind ProductLed, and how the pandemic has really focused people's minds on ensuring their tools are seen as valuable
  • What the Managing Director of ProductLed does, and whether he's really the Robin to Wes Bush's Batman
  • How Ramli went from studying mathematics & being an analyst for a massive FMCG company into marketing & product-led growth, and why it excites him so much
  • Why we needed a new book dedicated to Product-Led onboarding given that it was covered in Wes's book originally, and what publishers said when they pitched it
  • Why he put his personal email address in the front and back of the book for queries, and how much spam he's received since he did that
  • The importance of first impressions when it comes to product onboarding, and ensuring quick time to value to drive retention
  • Who owns product-led onboarding, whether it matters, and the importance of true cross-functional teams
  • Why product-led onboarding is more about free trials and guides, and more to do with an obsessive focus on user success, and why you need to define what that "success" really is
  • The EUREKA framework the book proposes to help you establish your onboarding team, understand, refine and analyse (and whether he came up with it in the bath)
  • How time to value can actually be too short and some of the things you can do about this
  • Whether product-led growth is truly anything new, or just a buzzword to sell attractive yellow books

And much more!

Buy Product-Led Onboarding

Product Led Onboarding cover

"Just like dating, your company's growth depends on first impressions. If their first date with your product is anything but silky-smooth, you risk losing out to the competition. Add to that a few, unfairly poor reviews and you’ll be more than just stuck. In this book, you’ll learn the simple 6-step strategy used by giants like Mixpanel, Ubisoft, and Outsystems that will get you more loyal clients in a fraction of the time."

Visit the book website or check it out on Amazon or Goodreads.

Contact Ramli

You can contact Ramli on Twitter, LinkedIn or productled.com.

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