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Here's a list of old episodes in date order! There have been some great conversations so feel free to binge them all!

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Episode 47 - Growth Marketing & Reshaping the World of eCommerce (with Nichole DeMeré)

Growth Marketing
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Episode 47 - Growth Marketing & Reshaping the World of eCommerce (with Nichole DeMeré)
7 Apr 2021
Nichole DeMeré head shot
An interview with Nichole DeMeré. Nichole is CMO of Reeview, a new video review app aiming to take the world of eCommerce by storm. Nichole talks about Growth Marketing vs Growth Hacking, how to find growth by iterating business models, how she's learned to get good at this stuff, and how she's paying it forward to the next generation of marketers.

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About the Episode

An interview with Nichole DeMeré. Nichole is CMO at Reeview, a new eCommerce video review platform, as well as Taggg, a calendar scheduling solution. Nichole is a passionate growth marketer, consultant, community builder and mentor.

We talk about a lot, including:

  • The story behind Reeview, how they're looking to revolutionise eCommerce, and some of the early traction they're getting
  • Why Nichole prefers working with early stage start ups and getting in on the ground floor, and thriving in chaos
  • The difference between growth hacking techniques & general marketing, and which strategies & tactics to use
  • How businesses seeking growth need to get ready to experiment and test their most important hypotheses
  • The importance of having both qualitative and quantitative data, and their preference for having conversations with people
  • Why it's important to focus your growth strategy and not try to hit too many channels at once
  • Whether Nichole is up with all the new trends in tech or their own worst nightmare when it comes to marketing
  • The importance of mentorship and paying it forward and their advice for the next generation of SaaS marketers
  • How someone starts out in a one horse town and takes over the world of B2B Marketing

More about Reeview

You can find out about Reeview on Reeview's website or Reeview @ Product Hunt.

Contact Nichole

You can find Nichole everywhere. A few places included Product Hunt, LinkedIn, Twitter or their own website nicholeelizabethdemere.com.