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Episode 149 - Using Tech to Change Culture and Un-f**king the Design Industry (with Mackenzie Daisley, CEO & Founder at Brieft)


Episode 149: Using Tech to Change Culture and Un-f**king the Design Industry

Mackenzie Daisley, CEO & Founder at Brieft

30 October 2022

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30 October 2022 Mackenzie Daisley head shot

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Content Warning - May Contain Adult Language or Themes
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About the Episode

Mackenzie Daisley is a former designer & design account executive who has decided that the design industry is totally f**ked. She's started her own company, Brieft, to un-f**k it and she's not afraid to use expletives along the way.

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Episode highlights:

The Design Industry is F**cked

In Australia, staff turnover in design agencies is around 30%, and she's seen similar patterns around the world. A big part of the problem is around communication & collaboration, both internally & externally, and she wanted to fix that

Swearing and Cursing in your Mission Statement attracts the right kind of people

Mackenzie has had negative pushback from industry figures about her mission to "un-f**ck the design industry" but also a lot of positivity from innovators & disruptors who know exactly how f**cked it is.

When you're super early it's all about staying close to customers & not being afraid to pivot

Mackenzie has had feedback that has led her to pivot, or entirely rewrite parts of the application, and she's been able to get really strong signals of Product/Market Fit early.

You need persistence in the face of adversity

Mackenzie went to a pitch event without knowing it was a pitch event, fluffed her first pitch, and got blanked by the judge. She regrouped, came back, and won the event. Don't give up!

You need to be honest, and sometimes vulnerable, to start a company

Mackenzie had never started a company before and she has learned on the job. She's found it helpful to be a straight-shooter & direct, but there remains a pressure for women to act differently to men

Contact Mackenzie

You can connect with Mackenzie on Twitter, or check out Brieft.

Mackenzie Daisley and me before the recording