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Here's a list of old episodes in date order! There have been some great conversations so feel free to binge them all!

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Episode 146 - Supporting Mental Health & Wellbeing for Product Managers (with Jacquelyn Guderley, Product Manager @ OVO & Co-Founder @ Product Mind)

Mental Health
Product Career

Episode 146: Supporting Mental Health & Wellbeing for Product Managers

Jacquelyn Guderley, Product Manager @ OVO & Co-Founder @ Product Mind

16 October 2022

16 October 2022 Jacquelyn Guderley head shot

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About the Episode

Jacquelyn Guderley is passionate about product management and mental health, and has thrown herself into both with gusto. She's a product manager for UK energy firm OVO, as well as the co-founder of Product Mind and impending book author with the in-progress "My Sketchy Head".

Here are some highlights from the episode:

"The best paths are never linear. The stumble and fall isn't important; it's how you get back up"

Jacs had a variety of roles before product management, a role she didn't know existed (even though she had been doing it). Her varied experiences helped to round her out as a PM.

A passion for mental health & product management combined with intense demand to create Product Mind

Jacs was unsure whether her social media content was resonating, so asked her followers and got incredible interest from PMs looking for support with their wellbeing.

Product Management is tough, and it's also lonely

Product management can be great, but it's also a tough role due to being at the centre of everything, with nowhere to hide & you're often an easy target for blame. PMs often lack people to tell them what's OK & what's not.

Idealised social media content is a double-edged sword

There's a lot of boring, reductive, cookie-cutter content out there which feels almost philosophically anti-product management. But, on the other hand, the power and support of the PM community is amazing.

Bringing up mental health issues at work is never easy

It's not easy to talk to your boss in all companies & often it's easier not to try. Companies can make it easier by taking an active interest in your well-being. Sharing your experiences can help others share theirs.

Check out Product Mind

If you are interested in getting support from like-minded product people, check out Product Mind, or find them on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Contact Jacs

You can connect with Jacs on Twitter, or check out My Sketchy Head.

Jacquelyn Guderley and me before the recording