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Here's a list of old episodes in date order! There have been some great conversations so feel free to binge them all!

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Episode 129 - Mapping your Way to B2B Product Success (with Daniel Elizalde, Product Advisor & Author "The B2B Innovator's Map")

Product Principles

Episode 129: Mapping your Way to B2B Product Success

Daniel Elizalde, Product Advisor & Author "The B2B Innovator's Map"

19 June 2022

19 June 2022 Daniel Elizalde head shot

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About the Episode

An interview with Daniel Elizalde. Daniel is a Product Advisor to ClimateTech product teams and long time IoT guru. He's also recently decided to tackle some of the problems B2B product managers have getting their ideas to market. He's tackling this with his own podcast as well as new book "The B2B Innovator's Map".

We speak about a lot, including:

  • Why he decided to write his new book now, and how he tried to make it actionable and fresh with numerous real world examples from his own career and long experience consulting with B2B firms
  • How the vast majority of B2B innovations fail, how his book aims to offer a solution to this and give a process to enable B2B product leaders to get from zero to their first ten customers (and who those ten customers should be)
  • How his experience in Climate Tech has helped him come up with recommendations on how to frame seemingly esoteric B2B products in ways that resonate with those customers' real problems and drawing a line back to real world ROI
  • The six stages of the B2B Innovators' Map (Strategic Alignment, Market Discovery, User Discovery, Solution Planning, Prototyping, Early Adopters), what they involve and when to double back
  • The importance of cutting your losses with Early Adopters, and not succumbing to the temptation to do absolutely anything to keep a customer on board if you've proved it doesn't make sense for you in the wider context of your product
  • The risks of coming to the end of the process with a niche product for a limited audience, and how to make sure that the things you're building are made generic for an entire market
  • What comes after the B2B Innovator's Map and the importance of aligning next steps with your leadership team to take your learnings to the big time

And much more!

Buy "The B2B Innovator's Map"

The B2B Innovators Map cover

"Most new enterprise software products fail to generate a profit. They fail not because of technical challenges, lack of funding, or market conditions. Instead, new products fail because most companies build products that don’t satisfy a market need, so customers don’t buy them. The B2B Innovator’s Map is your practical guide to taming uncertainty and discovering opportunities to develop products your customers will be eager to buy."

Visit The Book Website for more info.

Contact Daniel

You can find Daniel on LinkedIn or DanielElizalde.com.

Daniel Elizalde and me before the recording